Niagara has recently come out with the Stealth Toilet which uses only 0.8 gallons per flush. How does it work?

While it looks pretty much like any typical toilet, the new Stealth saves 37% more water than a typical toliet. How does it work? According to the manufacturer:

During Filling:
Water fills the tank and inner chamber, forcing air to the top of the chamber and down the transfer tube. Positive pressure is exerted on the water in the bowl by the air being forced through the transfer tube into the trapway. A larger water surface area is created in the bowl due to the pressurized trapway.
During Flushing:
Inside the inner chamber, the exiting water creates a vacuum effect that depressurizes the trapway. As the trapway depressurizes, a suction force is created that pulls the wastewater into the trapway. The trapway is completely filled producing an extremely efficient flush. Water exiting the tank cleans the bowl and flushes waste down the trapway.

Priced between $310 and $325 the Stealth Toilet is a great way to conserve water behind the scenes.

Find out more at Niagara Conservation.

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