Now that Spring time is approaching, you will hear about more and more people getting engaged.  I am one of those people who just recently got engaged and as I slowly plan the wedding, we have been thinking about different gift ideas and registries.  You are probably wondering when this article is going to start discussing houses or being green- I promise I will get there!

google map to real pro systemsSo, if you are going to be a newlywed who wants to then buy a house, you can tell all of your guests that you would like a gift of money.  Now, normally the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) has problems with gift money where it can't trace where the money came from... BUT you can now go to your bank and ask for a Gift Escrow account.  You then can give your wedding guests directions on how to give money through this escrow account.  Your guests can help you get into your new home and you don't have to worry about tracing where the money came from when it comes down to having your downpayment.

Plus, this is a green alternative, you don't have to worry about people using wrapping paper or never using that 4th toaster that you were given as a gift.  Nothing goes to waste.