I wanted to write an article today in dedication to all of the people that are looking at buying a home.

My fiance and I are currently in the market for a home and it is always difficult being a home buyer, I completely understand.  Just imagine how difficult it would be if you were the buyer as well as the agent.  Trying to take a step back, gauge what your partner is looking for in a home as well as yourself and view properties that match both of your criteria.  It is not easy, let me tell you... especially when your non real estate partner is not into looking at homes or is very picky (which my partner is both).

We have been finding homes lately that have sort of met our criteria, nothing that is a slam dunk.  Then last night, right before going to bed, I found this really neat property and showed it to my fiance.  He was always talking about how important the flow of the home is and how he wished every home had a floorplan available and this one had it - we were hooked.  We wanted to see this place, only catch was, he was headed out of town for the week for business and wouldn't be able to see it until the following weekend.

So I called up the agent to find that after only being on the market for a total of 4 days, and having 1 open house, this place already had 4 offers on it and was going to finalize the offer by this morning.

No way we would be able to get in to see it next week. 


Lesson learned?  Good homes sell FAST!  I can not reiterate this enough.  Too many people think that because this market might be considered a buyers market, it isn't the case with a good quality, well priced home.  Those properties are priced to move, and yes they move.

When you find a home that you feel is "your" home, you may want to move on it before the competition swoops in.  Its hard enough to find the right home, its even more difficult when someone takes the home that you finally think is "it."