If you truly have equity and can't make the payments you want to sell as quickly as possible.  Contact 1 or 2 real estate agents who are familiar with your neighborhood and have a conversation with them about how much your home can sell for.  They should be able to tell you what your chances of success are, and that will be dependent upon how well homes are selling in your area and price range, condition of your home, specific location, and other criteria.  My point is that you want to hear from the agent the specific data that supports their estimate of your selling price.

Only after you have that probably price will you know how much equity you actually have.  Equity on paper isn't much help - you need to know how many dollars you can pull out.

If you can't sell you are going to be hard pressed to obtain the equity, if there is any.  Once you list the home for sale there is generally a 6 month waiting period AFTER you take the home back off the market before a lender will consider giving you cash out on a refinance loan.

If you have a lot of equity (say 40% or more) you may find a private investor to loan you the money but the cost would be prohibitive.  You need to focus on getting the home sold.