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Financing Tools

If you are interested in Buying, Selling, Refinancing, or just plain comparing different options, feel free to play with any and all of the calculators below.  These are designed to help you understand the cost differences with programs available to you and our agents can also assist you in finding a mortgage consultant that can meet your needs when the time comes.

Types of Mortgages Available
Are You Ready To Buy or Sell?
 2-1 Buydown
 Homeowner Analysis
 3-2-1 Buydown
 Income Estimator
 80/10/10 Comparison
 Initial Qualifier
 Adjustable Rate Comparison
 Investment Analysis
 Mortgage Payment Calculator
 Isn't It Worth It?
   Rent v. Own
Worksheets Savings & Equity Calculators
 Amortization Schedule
 Equity Calculator
 Closing Cost Worksheet
 College Savings
 Discount Note  Retirement Projection
 Cost of Waiting To Buy
 Savings Plan
 Fix or Flip Analysis
 Unpaid Balance
 Hold or Sell & Buy
 Your Best Investment
 If The Rate Goes Up  
 Interest Affects Price  
 Refinance Analysis  
 Will Points Make a Difference?  
Closing Table Cost Calculators
 Closing Cost Worksheet  
 Seller Net Sheet
 Financing Concessions  
 High/Low Seller Net Estimate  

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