Neighborhood Snapshot

Neighborhood Snapshot

Curious what your home or condo is worth? Our free market snapshot technology will help you answer questions like:

  • What is the supply of unsold homes in my neighborhood?
  • How fast are homes selling right now?
  • How do actual selling prices compare to listing prices in my area?

Complete the form to your right, entering the specifics about your home (beds, baths, square feet) and we’ll email you an interactive snapshot specific to homes like yours in your neighborhood.

Try out a sample HERE


At a glance you’ll be able to see homes in your neighborhood currently for sale as well as recently sold properties.

Click on the Bird’s Eye View to see more detail about the homes/community:

Dig into each property for more details including photos, description, and more:
Beyond the individual listing data, you’ll have access to graphs that plot Asking vs Sold Price, % of asking price received, time on market, and more – all specific to your Boston neighborhood.

Customize your experience by setting  the date parameters (i.e. last thirty days or last three months) and changing how often you want to receive future updated snapshots.

To get started, complete the form at the top right of the page. Questions? Give us a call at 617-527-3700.


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